Our Story


My wife Leanne and I, Ed Piendl started Rid of the Red on June 14, 1993 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. I have always wanted to be in the food industry, my son Kane an daughter Hailee are now part of the team. Seafoods has been a popular mean of protein and a staple on the West Coast both historically and contemporary.

Rid of the Red and our product line, Seastainable Seafoods sources salmon and fin fish from Alaska down through South America, supplying an incredible variety of seafoods. Van Seas, our processing plant has state of the art facility and automated equipments for perfection and accuracy in our processing.  We provide custom processes for outside customers. Recently, we have grown dramatically in the past few years due to our reliable staff.

We are governed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Marine Stewardship Certification, and the FDA.